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My mission is to master-improve your memory!

I am thankful for the many opportunities to gain insight into professional memory techniques both as a former memory athlete and later on as long time arbiter of the two memory sports governinng organisations WMSC and IAM at national and international memory championships.
Year after year I saw ambitious people from around the world taking the challenge of memorizing thousands of playing cards, numbers, hundreds of words, names and much more at the World Memory Championship. One of my favorite discipline is "Spoken Numbers" where 1 number per second is announced via loud speaker. I was able to publicly memorise and recall 100 numbers in a row as my personal best in 2005 when I became German Memory Champion (f).
Getting to know the methods of the memory athletes and using them could be your chance to start off with a completely new and exciting learning experience.

I offer training courses in English and German worldwide. Companies, universities, academies and anybody else interested in improving their memory skills:
Just drop me a note and ask for further information or request an offer for an unforgettable training professionally tailored to your particular needs.
You will learn the most effective memory tools used by memory athletes around the world suiting your requirements.

Get solid training in building excellent memory routes and become a competent user of the Loci-Method, an ancient and long forgotten power tool for your memory!

I am ready. Tell me, when you are. Please choose link "Impressum" for our e-mail address.

Gabriele Kappus

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